About Me

Born and raised in São Paulo, Brazil, I’ve started to show interest in music when i was three years old.

Discovered several instruments, but the first one was the baroque flute, at age seven at primary school. And one day, my father traded a box of Sega Genesis Cartridges by a keyboard, to make me a surprise. And right after, I won my first guitar, which was kept for a while because my hands were too small to form chords. But this only increased my desire to do something with music, but i did not know for sure what. So I started recording my first compositions with an old cassette recorder K7.

Some time later, in mid 1996, I started using the computer, even rustic, recording with a simple microphone and windows recorder. I reproduced what was recorded in a speaker, next to the microphone while another instrument was recorded. By overlaying tracks, it was possible to add more and more elements to my songs, which made me more excited. The curiosity was so much that I started researching, but at that time the Internet did not have so much information as today (hooray Google!). And so, I had to find out alone.
My first recordings were with the bands that i was in as a guitarist, and I increasingly felt that that was the path i should follow. As the time passed by, other professions came, but always without letting music behind. After I graduated as Sound Engineering at IAV (Institute of Audio and Video) I started to work (finally!) as a professional in Audio. Since then I’ve developed works both as a music producer, and sound designer.
Curently I work at the FASM (Faculdade Santa Marcelina), as Recording Engineer. There i am responsible for the recording studio and live sound of the events in the theater.
Besides working at the FASM I also work as a freelancer.
And in my free time i try to continue with my own compositions and friends compositions